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Care Guide 


We recommand placing our rugs medium to low traffic area, where there’s no direct sunlight.( The vibrance of yarn color will fade and the quality of texture will deterioarate under direct sunlight). Also, use rug pad to avoid slipping. Never put it in washing machine. Vacuum at least once a week to keep your rug fresh and prevent moths. Our rugs are backed with latex- moss detergent. Remove any loose fiber. From time to time, take your rug outside, shake or beat it to remove accumulated dust.  

If you need spot cleaning, make sure you test any cleaner on a small part of your rug first. Soaps and cleaning products can react in different ways with the various yarn colors/types. Use warm water and a mild dish washing liquid or 1:2 vinegar and water mix. You can also use Folex. Don’t scrub, just blot. Then blot dry. When your rug gets really dirty and need deep cleaning, please consult a Rug Professional. 



 All of the objects are made by hand. Pieces made with gypsum are quite fragile and can be crushed quite easily. Please handle it very gently. Even though they are glazed witj varnish, they thinly glazed and are NOT completely water-proof so avoid exposure to water or any kind of cleaning liquid

To keep them nice and clean, brush off dust every once in a while with soft dusting brush or microfiber cloth. They can be fragile and some of them are quite heavy so please display it in a low traffic are aor somewhere safe. (Avoid somewhere it can be dropped easily)

*Incense Burner (gypsum)

When you stick the incense stick inside the hole, don't shove, gently put it in. Otherwise it will break. After all the Incense stick is burned off, brush off the ashes.