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Obliqua Incense Burner
Obliqua Incense Burner
Obliqua Incense Burner
Obliqua Incense Burner

Obliqua Incense Burner



This piece is a sculpted object & Incense burner. 

Gypsum sculpture in white, Glazed with varnish. 



Gently put incense stick in the holes of the holder and light it. There are 2 holes. You can use either one or both at the same time. Please use Incense sticks with windows opened. Since this incense holder is made of gypsum, when you use joss stick type and when the incense stick is still burning and it hits the holder, it will leave burnt marks. So we recommend using stick types with wooden stick attached in the bottom or when you use joss stick types please turn the light off before it hits the holder.


Width : 9.5cm

Length :8cm

Height : 1.8cm



Ready to ship in 1-2 weeks (Depending on Stock Availability) 

3-5 Business Days for delivery 

Returns & Exchanges Not Accepted 

Please contact us at  if you have any problems with your order 



All of the objects are made by hand. Due to the nature of material, these objects can be crushed quite easily so please handle it very gently. Even though they are glazed, they are NOT water-proof so avoid exposure to water or any kind of cleaning liquid.To keep them nice and clean, brush off dust every once in a while with soft dusting brush or microfiber cloth.

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